We have a new San Francisco-based client and we’re building out the team.  They are a very well known and successful startup that does behavioral analytics, segmentation and email campaign automation – very cool product.

They use Mobx for the data layer, React for the views, and Version 1 of Material UI as the UI framework. Tests are written in Jest. It all sits on top of Webpack 4 and Babel 7.


– Expert level JavaScript, React, and CSS (they use JSS) skills
– Expert level with a state management solution such as Redux, Mobx, or Freezer
– Experience with data visualization tools like Recharts
– Experience with TDD/BDD with Jest or similar
– History of collaborating with backend engineers to design APIs
– Strong english skills (written and spoken)


– Mobx
– MaterialUI
– Ruby/Rails


-The position is full time with a competitive salary.
-We’re located in GDL. You could work out of our office here, out of your home, or a combination of both.  Of course, you’d be responsible for attending the stand up meetings, etc.
-You have the option of being a salaried employee with benefits, or a contractor.
-It would be helpful if you were able to travel to San Fran every once in a while.


  • Please send your CV to jobs@agavelab.com
  • Please mention at what time is ok for you to attend a call
  • Please include links to your Github and LinkedIn profiles