About Us

Agave Lab is a venture capital firm with a unique business model.  Instead of the traditional VC model where we fund external teams and projects, we seek out interesting problems and then create our own startups to address them. We use our internal design/dev team to build the first version of the product then, after it’s launched, we recruit a team around it, and spin it out on its own.  Check out this video for more detail.

We launched the fund two years ago and here are the companies that we’ve created so far:





In addition to building startups, we also “build” developers.  Rather than rely exclusively on previous job experience, we recruit for raw talent and attitude and then provide intensive training and mentorship to help people become skilled developers.  To do this effectively, we build evaluation and training processes that are automated and can operate at scale. 

Who we’re looking for

This is a very unique opportunity to lead the development for the fund. Not only will you set and maintain the development strategy and standards for our internal team of developers, you will also be responsible for building the initial architectural framework for our new portfolio companies.  You’ll receive all the standard benefits and pay but will also be rewarded when our startups achieve success (through,for example, acquisition or public offering).

It’s an extremely challenging position that requires constant innovation and a commitment to learning, experimentation, and creativity.  In keeping with our philosophy of favoring attitude and intelligence over job experience – we’re looking for someone who is early in their career, has managed one or two teams, and has a yearning to learn and to grow.

We are looking for someone who:

  • Has a passion for coaching, motivating, educating and leading. 
  • Derives their sense of success by seeing their team members succeed 
  • Understands modern concepts in development and DevOps 
  • Knows how to architect applications that will stand up to huge scale
  • Can recruit and accurately evaluate candidates
  • Approaches development as a repeatable process that can be refined and perfected through multiple iterations

Who we’re NOT looking for:

This is not a “Godínez” position.  You’ll be leading by example.  If your idea of management is staying in your office and creating graphs and charts – this is not for you.  In fact, you won’t have an office. 

You will be expected to roll up your sleeves and dive into the code – you’’ll be reviewing pull requests, working with your teams to discuss how to architect features and functions.  You’ll be deep into the guts of the project – if you don’t have a geeky passion for software development and startups, you won’t be happy here.  If you DO, you’ve found your new home.


  • Deep knowledge of our development stack (Node.js, React)
  • Experience with Docker / Azure / AWS
  • A commitment to test-based development (unit, functional, and integration)
  • Experience and passion for Continuous Integration/Delivery/Deployment
  • Scrum, Agile, and/or Extreme Programming


  • Geeky – should be up-to-date with (and excited by) current trends. technologies, and emerging internet companies.
  • A desire to work in true “startup” mode (collaborative, open, team-oriented).
  • Be a fun person (in addition to co-workers, we’re friends).
  • Solid command of english (CEO is a gringo).
  • Is excited by new things, new approaches, a constant learner.
  • Is constantly looking to improve him/herself.

To Apply:

  • Please send your CV to jobs@agavelab.com
  • Please mention at what time is ok for you to attend a call
  • Please include links to your Github and LinkedIn profiles