Startup Weekend (or) Does this pink shirt make me look gay?

Hi.  I was invited by my good friend Mak from Hackers and Founders to be a judge and a mentor at this year’s Startup Weekend Guadalajara.  It was really fun, I met a ton of smart motivated people, and was pitched some cool business plans.  It’s like deja vu for me:  What happened 7 to 10 years ago in San Francisco is happening here – only a lot faster!

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Yay! New office

So, it’s been a wild couple of weeks getting situated in our new digs.  It’s weirdly quiet and spacious, and beautiful.  We’re still in the process of finding good coffee, tacos, convenience stores, in our new neighborhood but everyday we’re finding new stuff.  We still haven’t fixed the pool, mounted the projector, found chairs for the conference room, and the kitchen is a bit third-worldy, but so far, we’re digging it.

And away we go!!!!!

So this is the magic week – we launch TastemakerX at SXSW in Austin.  It’s been an action packed couple of weeks getting everything ready and, more or less, we’re ready!

I’m off to Austin tomorrow where begins 4 days of bouncing from party to party, trying my best to balance the getting drunk / being a respectable representative of the company (not a good track record here).  We’re sponsoring 2 “invite-only” parties – awesome bands like Cults and Heartless Bastards are playing – AT OUR PARTY.  Unbelievably cool.  So if you’re going to be in Austin, let me know and we’ll connect – I can also get you invited to these bitchin parties.

Oh, and download the app and follow me.  I’m andyk.

Bus, the Magic Bus. . .

Interesting article about international entrepreneurship that just warms my heart.  It reinforces a trend that I’ve been noticing over the past year or so.  Guadalajara has experienced a virtual explosion of hipsters, skateboarder, good coffee, cute indie restaurants, and the like.  We’ve all seen this happen in the SF Mission district, Williamsburg, SilverLake, etc. . . . and now we’re deep in the throes of the mexican version of it.  I’m delighted because I happen to like ethnic food, hippies, and tattooed nerd girls.  What’s especially exciting is an entirely new class of entrepreneurs.  As early as 2 years ago, the best and brightest were coming out of the university CS departments here with their sites set on a mid-level cube job at intel or HP.  As of late, I’m bumping into to super smart kids who are eager to build the next game-changing startup.  I guess this is to be expected but I wonder how long the SF Bay area can hang onto its position as the startup center of the world.

Mexico Remittances Rise the Most in 5 Years

Interesting story on how, due to the economic crisis, mexicans living abroad in the US are “moving up the value chain” into higher paid service sector jobs.  Also, the weakening of the peso against the dollar represents a great opportunities for companies interested in outsourcing.  Read on.

Mexico plans to send astronaut into space. . .

. . .and by “astronaut” we mean “beer can”, and by “space” we mean “up over the garage, perhaps into the backyard”.

Mexico’s congress this week voted by a huge majority to create a new national space agency which could someday launch rockets from the Yucatan peninsula. Read More. The only real catch here is that they’ve only funded it with $800K. Don’t know about you, but I think I’ll be sitting out that first trip to the moon.

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India to release iPad competitor – Cost? $35.00

MUMBAI, India — It looks like an iPad, only it’s 1/14th the cost: India has unveiled the prototype of a $35 basic touchscreen tablet aimed at students, which it hopes to bring into production by 2011.

If the government can find a manufacturer, the Linux operating system-based computer would be the latest in a string of “world’s cheapest” innovations to hit the market out of India, which is home to the 100,000 rupee ($2,127) compact Nano car, the 749 rupees ($16) water purifier and the $2,000 open-heart surgery.

The tablet can be used for functions like word processing, web browsing and video-conferencing. It has a solar power option too — important for India’s energy-starved hinterlands — though that add-on costs extra.
Read the full article here.

New iPhone App – Tastebud for Open Source Food

So we’ve released another iPhone application called Tastebud for Open Source Food.  Like the vanilla version of Tastebud, the app allows you to select ingredients from your fridge/pantry, add them to your virtual basket, and recipes that you can make with the selected ingredients are shown in a list.  So what’s new with this version?

We’ve partnered with Open Source Food so you can now find all of their tasty recipes on your iPhone.  In addition, you can link directly from a recipe on your iPhone to see always-current reviews that are hosted on the OSF site.  Also, we’ve added a way to be more specific about your ingredient selection – you can “drill down” from a general category to a specific ingredient (say from “Fruits” –> “Citrus” –> “Limes”) or you can just add the entire category.  We’ve also redesigned the UI to make it easier to navigate and, well, a lot prettier.  Check it out.  It’s only 99 cents!

NYTimes: Mexico poised to outstrip US in economic growth

Now this is something you don’t see every day.  Latin America’s economy is on a tear and, surprise, it’s not all fueled by drugs and bootleg DVDs!  I’m sure that much of the success was due to the region’s luck in dodging the pyramid scheme that was the mortgage market in the US (not due to any wisdom or foreword thinking – mortgages of any stripe – much less sub-prime ones – are just not common here).  In any event, let’s celebrate before wheels fall off (again)!
After a sharp contraction last year, Mexico’s economy grew 4.3 percent in the first quarter and may reach 5 percent this year, the Mexican government has said, possibly outpacing the economy in the United States.

The iPhone 5 – It’s here.