Tastebud application takes over the world – drops price to nearly free.

So we’re about as happy as we can be!  We released our new iPhone app into the abyss that is the App Store with very low expectations.  There are tons of recipe apps already there and we didn’t know if our twist on the idea would interest anyone (you can pick ingredients and then Tastebud recommends recipes).  We’ve been pleasantly surprised (shocked is maybe a better word) to see it really take off.

We’re so excited we’ve decided to DROP THE PRICE to almost free ($.99).  So any of you that were on the fence – go, now, buy (here), cook, and enjoy.  If you’ve already bought – PLEASE GIVE US A REVIEW in the app store.  It really helps.

Here is what the world is saying about Tastebud:

AppCast, where we were App of the Week.

AppScout, where we got a great review.

eCom technology solutions – Got a nice review here (the site’s tag line is “Website Management Solutions and High Risk Credit Card Processing”   Not sure how our recipe app ties in but, I’m not complaining.

AppStore HQ featured us.

So did MacWorld.

So, I’m not sure how to interpret this but it seems like we’re getting good coverage.  Again, I want to thank everyone who has been forwarding, Digging, retweeting, etc.  It’s really helped a lot.  If you’re in the mood, please visit the sites above and comment, Digg, retweet, etc.  Agave Lab loves you for it.

Tastebud iPhone application launches!

Tastebud - A new iPhone app that finds DELICIOUS RECIPES for you based on ingredients you already have in your kitchen.
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