Less is, once again, more.

Great article restating what we already know:  Do less but do it better.

From the article:
Companies think that if they add a feature, it’ll mean a better product and more customers. Yet it’s often [...]

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Startup Weekend (or) Does this pink shirt make me look gay?

Hi.  I was invited by my good friend Mak from Hackers and Founders to be a judge and a mentor at this year’s Startup Weekend Guadalajara.  It was really fun, I met a ton [...]

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Agave Lab is hiring a UX Designer.

Looking for a User Experience Designer with the following:

Understands the concept of clean, simple, purpose-driven user experience
Strong interest and familiarity with the most current UI/UX trends and applications
Experience designing for mobile as [...]

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Yay! New office

So, it’s been a wild couple of weeks getting situated in our new digs.  It’s weirdly quiet and spacious, and beautiful.  We’re still in the process of finding good coffee, tacos, convenience stores, in [...]

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Positive Press for Agave Lab

So Mural, the biggest paper in the region, did a glossy supplement to their paper that featured us.

I look like an absolute dork but any press is good press, I guess.

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Almost gone!

So we’re almost out. I’m sitting on the astroturf carpet as the movers take out the last bits – plants, chairs, the water cooler. I’m surprised by how emotional it it – [...]

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Puppytime and Kittytime – Now 53.7% cuter.

We released new versions of Puppytime and Kittytime and they’re ready for you to scoop them up from the app store.  If you haven’t done so yet, and you like puppies or kitties, please [...]

Beauty… and the beast. Agave Lab 9 day countdown.

So the preparations are moving along well at the new office.  Nearly all the windows have been replaced, we have functioning bathrooms/electricity, most wall/ceilings have been repaired and painted.  Still in process:  the woodwork, [...]

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15 days – Will we make it?

The race is on.
We have 15 more days before we need to move out of our current (cramped) office and into the Taj Mahal that will be our new office.  Thus far, we’ve [...]

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Agave Lab Is Getting a New Office!!

After much searching, worry, and negotiation, we finally did it – we bought our very own office building!!!  We love our current place but we just can’t fit everyone in here anymore.  Rather than take [...]

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