Interesting article about international entrepreneurship that just warms my heart.  It reinforces a trend that I’ve been noticing over the past year or so.  Guadalajara has experienced a virtual explosion of hipsters, skateboarder, good coffee, cute indie restaurants, and the like.  We’ve all seen this happen in the SF Mission district, Williamsburg, SilverLake, etc. . . . and now we’re deep in the throes of the mexican version of it.  I’m delighted because I happen to like ethnic food, hippies, and tattooed nerd girls.  What’s especially exciting is an entirely new class of entrepreneurs.  As early as 2 years ago, the best and brightest were coming out of the university CS departments here with their sites set on a mid-level cube job at intel or HP.  As of late, I’m bumping into to super smart kids who are eager to build the next game-changing startup.  I guess this is to be expected but I wonder how long the SF Bay area can hang onto its position as the startup center of the world.