Server Engineers – 4 Reasons To Work at Agave Lab

Agave Lab is looking for a server engineer who can join our team in Guadalajara.  Here are the top four reasons that you should apply:
1 -Our projects are fun.  We’re inventing seriously cool applications – some are iOS, some Android, some Rails but all of them are changing the way people think about mobile and web applications.  Have a great idea for a product or app? We’ll help you build it!
2 -You will learn about the newest technologies on the market today.  We use MongoDB, the Play framework, Scala, Akka, Redis and are always experimenting with new approaches and technologies to add to our collection.  Have something new that you’d like to check out and use in an application – this is the place to do it.
3 -We have a great place to work.  We have a 650 square meter campus that we’re just putting the finishing touches on (including the most awesome pool in Guadalajara).  We’re located in Col. American, close to hip bars, restaurants, and coffee shops.
4 -You’ll own part of the company.  As a full-time employee, you’ll be eligible to participate in our Stock Option plan.  That means that you’ll own part of the company so when one of our products gets sold, you get a portion of the proceeds.

Here are the general skills we’re looking for:

A good understanding of OOP
Java development experience
Ability to write and optimize SQL queries
A habit of writing clean, documented, and well-structured code
A genuine love of solving complex problems
A curious mind that wants to explore new technologies.
A background in any of the following would be good:  AWS Administration (EC2, S3), Cloud Monitoring Services, Redis, MongoDB, Disaster Recovery [...]

TEDx – a class act!

So we created the site for TEDx Guadalajara and they stopped by the other day to give us this thoughtful and really cool thank you gift.  It’s an Agave plant in a TEDx cup.  You guys ROCK.  In five years we’ll convert it to tequila and invite you over.  THANKS.




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Agave Lab Gets New Wall Art

Hey All:


Making slow but steady progress on the new office.  Still working on the plumbing, electrical and other boring stuff but a friend added some cool wall art yesterday.  Stop by and check it out.

Mexican Startup Scene – A Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action.

Hi Everyone:

I presented this at the last iTuesday and people have been asking me to post it.  Check it HERE:

The summary:  Investors and Founders are talking a good game, but few companies are actually getting off the ground, and few real VC investments are happening?  I offer some possible reasons that we’ve found ourselves in this position and what we might do to kick off a real startup ecosystem.

Test me!


We (the Agave Lab team here in Guadalajara) will be releasing ShotStrip in a couple of weeks to the wide world.  Before we do, we’d like to get your feedback on it.

ShotStrip is a way of sharing a group of photos (up to six) at one time as sort of a story or collage.  Right now it’s only on iphone/ipad but Android is coming.

If you have an iPhone and would be ok with giving it a quick spin, you’d make us very, very, happy and you’ll get a sneak peak at, what we humbly think, will be the most important technological advance in the history of humankind.

PLEASE READ:  Because this is NOT in the app store yet – you’ll be getting app via something called TestFlight.  Here are steps:

1.  Visit this link: and click OK.

2. Testflight will then send you an email that you need to read ON YOUR IPHONE.  Click “ADD THIS DEVICE”.

3. That it!  We will be releasing the next build on Thursday, MARCH 7 and at that time, you’ll get a notification email with a link to download.

4.  So again, this THURSDAY is the day!  Get ready!

Again, we really appreciate your help and I look forward to seeing your work!!

Click me–>

Server engineers – Agave Lab is hiring.

You speak server and want to work with some of the most exciting startups happening in Mexico?
Send us your resume at

Mexico – Here we come

Great article from Thomas Friedman in the Times.  I thought his point was interesting about how Mexico is getting over the Narco War.  ”It’s as if Mexicans subconsciously decided that their drug-related violence is a condition to be lived with and combated but not something to define them any longer.”  I agree but with a bit of a twist – the narco crap has been such the center of attention for so long that I, (and I think the majority of mexicans)  are just sick of hearing about it.  It’s become boring and folks have just stopped paying attention to it.  First it was shocking, then it was a national identity thing (wringing of hands, rending of garments, etc.) and finallly, ah, fuggetaboutit.

I think the biggest thing that Mexico has going for it (which, curiously, never gets mentioned) is that it’s coming from so far behind!  Things have a natural ebb and flow to them and, in my opinion, Mexico had all but exhausted the “down” part of the cycle.  There was really no where to go but up – the radical disequilibrium between the US and Mexico  (in terms of poverty, commerce, productivity, education, you name it)  has been SO out of kilter that it seems that Mexico is due for some “up” time.

I’m sure glad I’m here at this time.

Website for TedX Guadalajara – Done!

Yesterday we put the finishing touches on the website that we developed for the upcoming TedX conference happening here in Guadalajara. We did the design and development using responsive design so feel free to point your ipad, iphone, android, widescreen, laptop, wristwatch, or embedded retina scanner at it.  It will adapt so that it always looks groovy.

The conference is next Saturday (23th) so if you don’t have tickets yet – you better get on it.  There aren’t many left.


Ayer nos dio los toques finales a la página web que hemos desarrollado para la próxima conferencia TEDx pasando aquí en Guadalajara. Hicimos el diseño y desarrollo con responsive design.  Se puede revisarlo con su ipad, iphone, Android, con pantalla grande, o ordenador portáti. Se adaptará de modo que siempre se ve genial.

La conferencia es el próximo sábado (día 23) por lo que si usted no tiene entradas aún – tiene que comprarlas.  No quedan muchos.

Office remodel is advancing – slowly.

Hey All:

So we’re nearly done with rewiring the entire compound. A gargantuan task that involved cutting open walls, mountains of dust, and just a general hassle (we had to relocate to my house for a week). I’m expecting that we’ll have working plugs, switches, etc. by mid-next week! This weekend we start doing the painting – yellow and grey accents. Then we add some new furniture, etc. After we finish the main room, it’s the kitchen, then the pool and yard. Get your bikini and your floaty toys ready!

Tag our new office – win some cash! // Graffitea nuestra nueva oficina y gana algo de dinero!

As most of you know, we changed offices and had to leave our old graffiti wall behind (even worse, we had to paint over it!!!)  Now we have a new (and much improved) office and we want to put a GIANT drawing on one of the walls.  So we decided to run a competition.  If you’re interested, submit a scale drawing of what you’d like to do and, if we select it, you win the prize:

-2,000 pesos (not much, I know, but we have no budget)

-A great space to work with.  It’s giant 6 meters square

-All the materials.  Paint, brushes, blood. . . whatever you need.

-Beer, glorious beer.

-An invite to the grand opening where everyone will want to hang out with you.

-Fame.  You’ll sign the wall and everyone will know that you are the coolest artist in Guadalajara.

So as you can see, it’s a big L shaped thing, right in the entry way of the office.

Our designer superimposed some images that she liked (Banksy) to give folks an idea of the sort of things we like.

Como la mayoría de ustedes saben, nos cambiamos oficinas y tuvimos que dejar nuestro viejo muro de graffiti atrás (lo que es peor, tuvimos que pintar sobre el!). Ahora tenemos una nueva y mejorada oficina y queremos poner un graffiti gigante en una de las paredes. Por eso hemos decidido organizar un concurso. Si estás interesado, envía un dibujo a escala de lo que te gustaría hacer y, si quedas seleccionado, ganarás el premio de:

-2.000 Pesos (no mucho, lo sé, pero no tenemos presupuesto).

-Un gran espacio para trabajar. Es gigante de 6 metros cuadrados.

-Todos los materiales. Pintura, pinceles, sangre. . . todo lo que usted necesita.

-Cerveza, gloriosa cerveza.

-Una invitación a la [...]

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